The Compassionate Teapot

              Once a year The Potters House selects a recipient for the                                  Compassionate Teapot Gift.                             



We all know someone, or have been someone, who has faced tough times or is up against some very heart-breaking situations. For me, when life kicks you in the gut and all you want to do is go hide under a rock, I think of the times sitting with my Grandma having a spot of tea. For that moment everything is ok, its just Grandma and I and our tea. This is a gift created once a year for someone who is struggleing and could use a little gift to brighten their day. My hope is that when it is used or looked upon, you will remember that you are loved and not alone. Someone is sharing your burden. Galatians 6:2 "The Little Red Bird" is the story of how the Compassionate Teapot began.


If you would like to submit a story about someone you think could use this gift, please submit your story to us and it could be selected to recieve the Compassionate Teapot. 

(The Potters House selects one teapot per year to give away. the teapot is not always as shown and will vary from year to year.)                                              

May you be blessed!

Rylee Petkau

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